Applications for
Public Safety Agencies

Communications You Can Rely on When Lives are on the Line

Information Transfer Systems (ITS)  provides communication systems for public safety agencies.  Communication redundancy is critical when it comes to police, fire and rescue applications.  That's why ITS offers a high speed, broadband wireless system.  You can be confident your communication system will be working when it is needed, which is 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Wireless communications are not susceptible to cable cuts.  In other words, falling trees or errant construction digging won't shut down your operation.  For even greater redundancy, the system can be backed up with wired access.  The high speed, broadband connection means your communications won't get bottlenecked even when a lot of information is flooding the system at once.  The connections are as fast as typical LAN speeds (10 BPS--also known as fractional T3), and broadband transmissions allows the use of multiple frequencies for transmission. 

If people's lives depend on the reliability of your communication system, please contact us at our general mailbox at: or call us toll free at 1-888-375-8783 ext. 166.  We'll be happy to furnish you with further information or answer any questions you might have.