Internet Setup Instructions for Macintosh

Open your Config PPP Control Panel. Once this is done, click on the Config... button then click on the Connect Script... button. After this, the following window will appear. Because of the nature of some of our Internet users, the script in the following window will force the user to enter his/her username and password with every connection to the Internet. If you wish to have it log you in automatically every time, please go to the next image.


To login to MTN automatically, you must change the above window to look like the one below. It should look exactly like the window below except for the 2rd and 4th fields. Insert your username in the field that says PLACE YOUR USERNAME HERE and insert your password (remember that it is case sensitive) in the field that reads PLACE YOUR PASSWORD HERE.

After you have done this, click OK to continue.

Click DONE, your Config PPP Control Panel is now configured login to MTN automatically